Spain Animals Tortures that need to be stopped

5 year ago
  • Spain Animals Tortures that need to be stopped
    Humans are treating animals as they are to be punished for their crime yes it’s not the joke but truly Human are using animals as their means and torturing them in different ways, so we have a collection for the same scary animal torture in which country what they are doing with animals, check it out and try to spread awareness to stop animals harming and serve them as their own, they too get hurt.
  • Burning Bull’s Face- Spain

    Burning Bull’s Face- Spain

    It’s a tradition for the Spanish people that for their entertainment they are burning the bull’s face and set to fire. It’s an annual festival in Spain celebrated in November, It began at 11:30pm almost twice the crowd of 1500 people gathered there they cheers up, clapped as the 30 men dragged the Bull into a square rope, tie it to the wooden post, put steel material on their horns, make a mixture of turpentine and sulphur and soaked the head of the bull inside the mud. So its fur stop fires and burns less. This continues for 40 minutes and this how they celebrate and entertain their annual event.
  • Tossing a Goat from Church Building- Spain

    Tossing a Goat from Church Building- Spain

    A saint day is celebrated in Spain in the honour of the Saint Vincent, they celebrate this festival as a group of excited young men tosses the live goat from the church 50 feet top below the crowd and who can catches that flying goat with a canvas sheet, later the goat is tied on the shoulder of the street man and then they began their festival. This custom began in 18th century, so this old tradition is used to torture the poor Animal.
  • Cut the Goose Head- Spain

    Cut the Goose Head- Spain

    Geese day is celebrated with a competition held in the part of San Antolin in fishing town in which participants try to separate the head of the goose which is suspended on a rope above the town harbour. They were using the live goose before a century but now only dead once are used. As the boat passes under the hanging goose the young men attempt to grab the neck and jumps inside the water and remove the head. To give more challenge in the game they continue to move the rope.
  • Quail Launch- Spain

    Quail Launch- Spain

    Every year the residents of Valencia collect a number of Quail in Spain and load them into their machine called cannon and blast them for fun. It’s a game for the infant’s birds that are only born since few weeks. They loaded the shotgun and shoot them into the sky where their bodies are scattered into pieces. They found as entertaining and crowd gather there to watch this game.
  • Swallowing Live Fish- Belgium

    Swallowing Live Fish- Belgium

    In Belgium a festival known as Krakelingen is an annual festival where the people are dancing, Singing on their toes while parading around the city. From 16th century this festival is been celebrated where people gather there and swallow the live fish to win the silver goblet. The people who crawl on their feet to the hills are only allowed to swallow the fish.
Spain Animals Tortures that need to be stopped

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