Story Behind Brand Name - Twitter

5 year ago
  • Story Behind Brand Name - Twitter
    Odeo is a directory and search destination website for audio and video created by Evan Williams and Noah Glass on 2005 where Odeo is a product which can turn your called phone number into an Mp3 message hosted on Internet. Evan Williams was the formal employee of the Google and he was having more interest into Odeo, Evan Sold a company Blogger to goggle and bought a new house and make the use of the old house into the office, Later Odeo started hiring the the employees and odeo members were using the podcasting method in product odeo, but this time Apple released iTunes that time Williams and Glass thought they have make the product but haven’t used anytime. So that time they decided to start new project along with 14 other employees that are working fulltime, later Odea decided that their future is not on Podcasting so he divided into two group and started sharing idea and working on projects. On 2006 Feb, Glass, Dorsey and a German contract developer come up with an idea that to make a system that could send text to one number and that could be broadcasted to all their friends: Twttr Noah spent lots of time thinking the name and later come up with Twitter, Noag Glass thinks no one alone is credited but the whole team is been credited for this system.
  • Samsung


    As we all know Samsung is the most popular company for developing the Android smartphones in the world, The Original story behind keeping a name Samsung is kept behind Korean the meaning is not oblivious as In Korean the word Samsung means three stars, and this word was pick up by the founder Lee Byung-chull, when he was in the institution of the company and presenting his idea for the company there he explained how the three stars suggest. That time the group asked him that why he have kept the word three why not two or four, there Byung told that three is a symbol of success which is known for most powerful and something big, so he thought that Samsung is the company which is big for something and also is powerful. So in recent years Samsung have given a wide name and is growing very fast specially the high profits are seen in the phone like Galaxy 6 and Galaxy 6 Edge that can turn out to be great success ahead.
  • Fanta


    When the Coca-Cola was celebrating their 75th anniversary Fanta emerged from Germany in 1940 and apparently was created for Nazi to boost his thirst, and given a name as Good Old Times. The Ad was promoted for completing Coca-Cola 75 years and also promoted the new drink recipe in this ad; Fanta was created by the Soda Company Employees because there was limited stock available to prepare Coke. Later it was officially declared that Fanta was invented in Germany during World War II and the brand has no association with Hitler or Nazi party. Not many were consuming this Fanta until 1941 due to the sweeter taste they were adding in Food for taste, Later after the end of World War II they started selling for free , and then people started liking it and consuming it more. Now we have almost more than 100 flavours for Fanta available. Continue Reading. We have more brands coming in next series

Austin Jones 5 year ago

Oh!! This was the reason behind the name Twitter I was unaware about this thing, thank you for sharing

Daxon Lane 5 year ago

Cool stuff, Good Job

Ricky Parker 5 year ago

Fanta was made as the stock was over for Coca-Cola and left remains got the new name as Fanta Good one.

Wilson George 5 year ago

Three stars= Samsung

Story Behind Brand Name - Twitter

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