Strange and Real Nail Biting Moments that will shock you

5 year ago
  • Strange and Real Nail Biting Moments that will shock you

    Amazing and shocking the real stunt tried out all around the world that will shock you as they risk their life to complete their stunt and are done with lots of practice and preparation needed to do this clean task, don’t try to do this at home they are done under the expertise.

  • Woman walked 840m high with high heels

    Woman walked 840m high with high heels

    A walk in Texas was performed with Brazil festival of walking on a rope with high heels, a terrifying highline of 840m girls to wear the heels at great height and cross the distance. Austin Woman with full faith and fearless well heeled, crossed mountains in Rio de Janeiro in high heels.


    Faith said firstly she prepared to walk in her usual style that is barefoot, and practice for longer time. She needs to check out the tension, and the enjoyment she gets while walking through it, as the nature’s beauty is just amazing. But walking with wearing the heels was as difficult as crossing it with such a great heights, but she haven’t gave up. Actually she was happy that she is on the top of the country where she can view the entire city, the beach, and she would be in the central location of mountains, while imagining also you must feel like going and trying on, no but it’s really dangerous for you guys as they are well trained team members and they too require a safety belt up there. 

  • The walk was much harder then she tried it before as in this one the distance line is longer and the heels size is shorter. The best photographer named as Brazilian Reginaldo Gomes who is 34 was present there to take the amazing photographs of the faith and the rest of the team members, everybody was so impressed by the Faith they she had completed is so well and with a smile on her face she won the Brazilians. The photographer said that he had never seen anything like this. 

  • Antti Pendikainen jumped from hot balloon without the parachute

    Antti Pendikainen jumped from hot balloon without the parachute

    Yes, it’s true 25 years old Antti Pendikainen jumped from hot balloon at the altitude of 4 kilometer become the world’s first person who has jumped from so great height without parachute and also without shirt, he was practising this since a year before, Don't worry Antti Pendikainen landed on a crop field and a farmer found it in the mud and delivered it to authority figures and now they are trying to figure out did this proud finnish "hero" of ours brake the finnish skydiving/air traffic Law about throwing stuff that might hurt somebody from that height.

  • Antti said he would love doing this kind of funny and crazy stunt, since he was very young. Fearless stuntman Antti Pendikainen took on the incredibly brave or stupid challenge in southern Finland at height of 4,000 metres above the ground.

Ricky Parker 5 year ago

OMG this is so dangerous

Wilson George 5 year ago

Oh man don’t risk your life by trying on such stuff

Strange and Real Nail Biting Moments that will shock you

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