Strange and weird Invention

5 year ago
  • Strange and weird Invention
    First ATM The First ATM was displayed first time by the America Bankers in the year 1966, 25th Oct. In 1939, Luther Simjian patented an early and not so successful prototype of an ATM. However, James Goodfellow of Scotland have the date of 1966 for a modern ATM, and John D White is the person from US often credited has invented first standing ATM Design. In 1967, John Shepherd-Barron invented and later on installed an ATM in a Barclays Bank in London. However, it wasn't until the mid to late 1980s that ATMs became part of mainstream banking.


    Kuma Komet is the television screen which was manufactured in 1957- 1962 in West Germany. This set stands 5’7 tall and weight 289Lb. It was a complete set of the home theatre at that time with Radio, television, record player and tape recorder.
  • Lincoln Tunnel Catwalk Car

    Lincoln Tunnel Catwalk Car

    Lincoln tunnel construction work started on 1934 which can cross 1.5 mile long (2.4 Km) under the Hudson River connecting Jersey in United States. But was opened in 1937 December, there was a demonstration done in 2200 ft. to 8000 ft. tunnel long.

Rudy James 5 year ago

Oh!! This how the first ATM looks like an open box kind

Daxon Lane 5 year ago

Komet Tv looks having a multitasking working

Strange and weird Invention

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