Strange Indian Wedding Custom- Frogs Wedding

5 year ago
  • Strange Indian Wedding Custom- Frogs Wedding
    Village people of India performs the wedding ceremony of two Frogs to break the curse and the village people might live happily ever after, it’s a custom for the people of Takhatpur in India that whenever there is a shortage of water in their village Frogs marriages can break the drought and Gods sprinkles the rain. They are dressed with colourful flowers spreads with their slippery bodies. The happily married couple share a kiss and if they become happy they request to God and the shortage of water would be no more in that village.
  • Marrying to Peepul tree or Dog

    Marrying to Peepul tree or Dog

    It’s very crazy thought that when the girl is Manglik then she is first married to a peepul tree or a Dog then only she can marry a man, it is said that if the girl would marry a man if she is Manglik then the husband would die very early. Hence woman need to first marry a dog so the evilness would vanish and then to a man. Actually some of the astrology are also a part of it and believe in blind faith.
  • Marrying multiple times

    Marrying multiple times

    To break drought and get help a person named Sakharam Bhagat marry 3 times as there were scarcity of water in the village and there was problem who can go 10 km away to bring water and the first wife was taking care of six children preparing Food and households works while the other 2 wives would go 10 km away to bring 10-15 litres of water daily. Marrying more than once is banned in Hindu. Some of them also named them as a water wives.
  • Tooth Filling

    Tooth Filling

    One of the biggest Hindu ceremonies includes the tooth filling of the man and woman who are matured and getting married. The filling of tooth is compulsory in some of the area in Hindu religion and this should be done before marriage, this is the custom which will denote lust, anger, confusion, jealously a person should tender physically and spirituality.

kinal patel 5 year ago

Very Strange

prachi gandhi 5 year ago

Tooth Filling might give a lot pain

Strange Indian Wedding Custom- Frogs Wedding

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