Strong Egypt Man Eats Nails and Pull Truck by his Teeth

5 year ago
  • Strong Egypt Man Eats Nails and Pull Truck by his Teeth
    38 years old Karim Hussein is a very strong man from Egypt who can eat nails, Glass, and also can carry truck with his teeth. He can swallows Nails and can also sleep with his back open on Glass Pieces and can also walk and stand on them. He is a Ruler in ancient Egypt. He use to give the live Entertainment to the Poor people in the district.
  • Hussein is trying all this stuff since his childhood as the biological factor in his body he doesn’t have pain and began his journey at 8 years old while he was having a glass full of milk and half filled with ghee the glass broke in his hand but what happen to him that on that day he started to eat the glass from then, and till today he use to have 3-4 Glass every day in his breakfast. While one day when he was in Barber shop he started to eat razor and from there he got use to it and eats on regular diet.
  • Hussein use to entertain the poor people by trying things with his teeth, one he gathered the crowd and put his foot under the tyre of moving SUV. Also use to carry wooden benches with his teeth, one day he pulled a truck with his teeth and everyone in the town was like Ohhh!! This man is really very strong and named as a PHARAOH. The parents of Hussein were so worried that they told him to see for Doctor, so he went to the doctor and they told that there is no any problem he can easily digest the things like Glass, Razor and also the Nails. Later on Hussein carry all the town people, friends to Cairo and gathered a crowd there and entertain others by showing his talent, He want to donate all the Funds to the Poor and the Needy people which he will get as an entertainer. He is teaching his sons also to sleep backless on Glass and train them.

Neha Patel 5 year ago

OMG SO weird Man

urvashi prajapati 5 year ago

Do this is a kind of disease?

Ricky Parker 5 year ago

Hope he would not have any complication in digestion.

kresha shah 5 year ago

Really a Strongman and super talented guy

Strong Egypt Man Eats Nails and Pull Truck by his Teeth

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