Surgery to get six packs for life time costed a young dad £3,500

5 year ago
  • Surgery to get six packs for life time costed a young dad £3,500

    Lee Coupland flies from Turkey to Istanbul and spend more than £3,500 to get the perfect abs. He is 31 years old and runs his own business of joinery and was very much interested in having a perfect look. He went to Istanbul for surgery where Doctors sucked out all fats from his stomach and placed a silicone into his chest and stomach so that he can have six pack abs.

  • The procedure is called as abdominal etching that will long last life time and Lee would get the perfect body without any workout, but that doesn’t mean he can eat anything, to remain fit he have to control himself and try to remain fit. Lee has spent 210,000 pounds ($312,600) for the surgery and extra $5,200 for the silicone abs that he had placed inside his body. It makes his look totally changed and attractive. He also said in one of his interview that some people are born with the natural beauty but that was lacking in him so he decided to get a surgery and accept the society.

  • Also he added that why not me try on this as when women goes out add the fake hair, makeup, dress like anything and man can only dress up and make hair why not they can try something different. The surgery was hard enough but I was quite excited and confident but the second thought would definitely come to every person and was same with me, but I try to console myself.


    He was thinking that the gym was coming between his relationships and was not ending well, he has 2 kids and his relationship failed due to his bad look, and now he is in new relation with a girl named Melanine, she was very much worried about surgery but was supportive too. Now Lee is one of the number one in BBC documentary which examines extreme heights of getting perfect body.

Surgery to get six packs for life time costed a young dad £3,500

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