Surprising and extraordinary animals Sense of Smell

5 year ago
  • Surprising and extraordinary animals Sense of Smell
    There are numbers of animals with their different ways of smelling and some animals also without the sense of smell comes to know whether they should have their food or not, it’s dead or rotten food. Some of the animals have great sense of smelling power and with their unique style of smelling makes them different. So check out the gallery we have few surprising animals that you need to know their amazing facts related to their sense of smell.
  • Snakes Smell with their tongues

    Snakes Smell with their tongues

    Yes snakes do smell with their tongues as they have nostrils just like human they flicks their tongue outside in air and it picks a tiny particles of chemicals on its tongue and when they takes their tongue inside they feel a special organs on the roof of the mouth, this organ is called as a Vomeronasal system. This how the snakes smells dirt, plants and other animals nearby.
  • Elephant smells with their sniffer

    Elephant smells with their sniffer

    We know that African elephants boast versatile snouts. They can toss logs, grab food and spray water. But the towering mammals also may be the world’s best smellers. The elephant’s ability to detect a broad range of odours perhaps explains why scents play a big role in its behaviour.
  • Birds do not smell

    Birds do not smell

    It seems like what is this, but yes birds may or may not smell anything. It’s a complicated matter and even scientists too are not able to know the real reason behind this. Very few birds have the capability to get their smelling power, they try to smell but only very few of them know the difference in food and can find the food and the dead things. So it’s very unclear which bird can smell in real.
  • Butterfly smell with their feet

    Butterfly smell with their feet

    It’s true that this small tiny insects smell with their feet. They often lay eggs on the flower and for them to know where they have planted their feet’s will let them know the right plant. Another very good example is Octopus which can also smell with their feet.
  • Whales can’t smell

    Whales can’t smell

    Yes it seems right that whales do not smell things, food or they don’t have smell nerves. Whales lack in olfactory nerves, don’t feel bad about whales for they can’t smell but infact they have very strong and advanced sense of taste which help them to find the food in very easy way. Two other animals Dolphins and Porpoises also can’t smell any thing around.

Tyler Hatt 5 year ago

Oh really Snakes do smell with tongues

priya patil 5 year ago

Yes and Birds don’t have nose to smell

Rudy James 5 year ago

Quite Interesting Topic

Surprising and extraordinary animals Sense of Smell

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