Taylor Swift Biography and Life Journey

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  • Taylor Swift Biography and Life Journey

    Birthday: 13, December 1989

    Birthplace: Reading, PA

    Age: 26 years Old

    Birth Sign: Sagittarius

    Residence: Manhattan, New York City

     Occupation: Singer- Song Writer- Actress

    Net Worth: $250 million


    Taylor Swift who has become a youngest solo artist to write and record a number one hit on US hot country songs with a single our song.  She also released her fourth country album Red in 2012 and first pop album 1989 come out in 2014. 

  • Family Background

    Family Background

    Taylor Alison Swift is the daughter of Scott Kingsley Swift who is the financial advisor and her mother is the homemaker mutual fund marketing executive. She also has a younger brother named as Austin. She has spent the early years of her life on the Christmas tree. She has attended preschool and kinder garden at the Alvernia Montessori School before moving to the Wyndcroft School. The family moved to the rented house in the suburban town of Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. At very young age of 9 she become interested in musical theatre and performed in four berks youth Academy production.  

  • Taylor Swift acting career

    Taylor Swift acting career

    T Swift is all set to have a new beginning to emerge as an acting talent, after voiced the role of the Audrey in an animated feature The Lorax (2012). She has also appeared in the theatrical release of the Valentine’s Day (2010) and in an episode of CSI: crime Scene Investigation. She has also contributed her two songs to the Hunger Games and released her 5th album titled 1989. The album is named after the year she was born. Swift had made her article film acting entrance in the 2010 collaborative jesting Valentine's Day, in concert the ditzy Valley partner of a high school jock. The Los Angeles Eras felt the concert submitted "thoughtful comedic potential" although the San Francisco Chronicle found her "actual funny and crazy."


    Time commented that Swift depicted her charm "rather adorably"; The Boston Globe labelled her as "sweetly dorky." Salon declared that she was "one of the few  look and odd, generally set judgments borrow her a little bit of Marilyn and a little bit of Lucille Ball: She's Taylor-made for comic greatness. “However, Variety originate her "totally aimless ... she wants to find an accomplished manager to fill her down and channel her clearly lavish vigour. “The Everyday News defined her presentation as "hideously clunky" though Slant Fortnightly found her "unwatchable." In 2012, Swift pronounced the charisma of Audrey, a tree lover, in the lively film The Lorax. In 2013, Swift made a brief cameo sitcom new face Girl. In 2014, she will co-star in the film edition of The Giver together with Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep.

  • 3 Millennial Marketing Tips from Taylor Swift

    3 Millennial Marketing Tips from Taylor Swift

    There's surely no suspicion that 2015 was the year of Taylor Swift. Building off the success of her 1989 album release, Taylor’s biosphere tour produced over $4 million per show a minor piece of her current empire. And that victory rolls on: As the highest-earning singer in the world, Swift makes more than $1 million per day in revenue.


    The victory of the singer-songwriter's deeds comes as no surprise. Elsewhere her musical talent lays a business shrewdness that knows how to market. You would have to be a marketing judge to do what she and her team have to do and had done: bring back CDs and sell $280 million in tickets universal. Here she is 30 a master mind marketing mind success goes step on step and a millionaire musician rock.

  • 1. Taylor Use FOMO for good

    1. Taylor Use FOMO for good

    FOMO, else known as "fear of missing out," is a powerful force for millennials and stems from the creation of a meaningful community. As with any force, FOMO can be used for evil or good. It can make consumers feel larger or it can rapid spirits of separation and weakened self-confidence. For this reason, dealers need to be careful of how they use FOMO to sell their brands. Making limited-edition content, for instance, can deliver clients with a common ground to form community; but if that happy content is awkwardly inaccessible, it can create prohibiting and hard feels. Taylor Swift demonstrates the effectiveness of FOMO for fostering consumer engagement and allegiance.

  • 2. Take the time to appreciate your audience

    2. Take the time to appreciate your audience

    Taylor Swift is known for her strong association with fans. She esteems them and often goes out of her way to interact. Before she released 1989, Swift generally invited 89 fans to each of her homes to pre-listen to her music and provide feedback. In addition to this strong application of FOMO, the hospitality she offered recognized fans for their loyalty and support.

  • 3. Create special and unique experiences

    3. Create special and unique experiences

    In sum, Swift appreciates the idealistic generation’s gratitude for distinct experiences. She knows her admirers expressive knowledges and reminiscences more than they do possessions. In fact, a Harris study presented that more than three in four millennials (78 percent) would choose to devote cash on a knowledge or occasion over a purchase. Taylor Swift cleverly habits these makings to make communal recalls with her fans and induce the break of the creation to join her community. By good-looking a page from her book

  • Taylor the Brand

    Taylor the Brand

    As we all know Taylor has successfully managed and develop magnificently cherished and have gained superbly respected brand out of her music with using her clean public image.  She has endorsed with Cover girl, Sony Electronics and Diet Coke with her 7 figures or more in earning. The business of Taylor owns her own line of perfumes. Let’s discuss few of them in briefly



    According with Taylor’s character as New York City’s Global Welcome Ambassador, she will do on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, communications ALIVE from Times Square on ABC.    Concluded 2015, Welcome To New York global tourism campaign will endure with more visit with Taylor, in which she will segment her New York City involvements counting surplus videos and journalistic gratified of her much-loved stuffs to see and do all the way through the five districts.

  • Pepsi has Beyoncé and Sofia Vergara, and now Coke has Taylor Swift

    Pepsi has Beyoncé and Sofia Vergara, and now Coke has Taylor Swift

    The 23-year-old singer will companion with Diet Coke on a sequence of marking creativities, Ad Stage has learned. It's not unblemished how Diet Coke use Ms. Swift, however it's probable she will turn into a brand ambassador of sorts, with the company going yonder simply 30-second TV spots. Yet, directors nearby to the company renowned she will not be complex in the company's Marvellous Bowl campaign.

  • Keds uncovers global rebrand with Taylor Swift fast of its 100th birthday

    Keds uncovers global rebrand with Taylor Swift fast of its 100th birthday

    Keds has trolled out a global campaign called ‘Females First Since 1916’ encompassing Taylor Swift that goals to extra strengthen the shoe brand’s place as a go-to for established, metropolitan womankind viewing for both elegance and luxury. Swift, who has stood a brand ambassador for Keds since 2013, assists as the face of numerous of the ads beside taglines such as ‘All Dressed up with Everywhere to Go’ and ‘There’s No Such Thing As An Average Girl.’

  • Romantic Relationship

    Romantic Relationship

    In 2008, swift dated Joe Jonas from the popular musical group, but none had serious relationship. So they broke up. Whatever their relationship would be but they released a song Forever & Always            and it was a hit. Swift was then a romantically linked to actor Taylor Lautner, a star of the Twilight saga. The pair reportedly met on the big screen but broke up in 2009.  After breaking up Swift dated singer John Mayer for a brief period but it took a bad turn and they broke up.


    Later she was romantic linked to the Glee star Cory Monteith and Jake Gyllenhaal. In New Year 2012, she dated one direction singer Harry Styles and ended relationship in 2013. In 2015 swift dated Calvin Harris a music producer DJ and singer but couple broke up in 2016. Recently she is in relationship with Tom Hiddleston and are together enjoying happily.

  • Taylor Shines with Fearless

    Taylor Shines with Fearless

    If we talk about the 2008 it was swift’s year. She was getting recognition in the music industry and her beauty saw a grace in myriad magazine which include blender and USA weekend. Taylor’s sophomore album fearless has just cemented her superstar status. It was debuted as the no 1 on eth bill board chart and sold almost 600,000 copies in first week. She was whopping eight tracks off fearless at one point topped the previous record. The album received the numerous awards and accolades making it most awarded album in the history of the country music. But this was just the beginning of her successful music career. 

  • Hit Songs Inspiration

    Hit Songs Inspiration

    Taylor is developing songs which consist of deep emotional meaning and some are also related to heartbreaks, love story and her life experiences. We have drawn some of her most successful songs and have listed below, have a look to those


    You belong with me

    It’s a hit song from the album fearless topped country and pop charts.  Swift was inspired to write the song that was overhead a male friend quarrelling over the phone with his girlfriend. Taylor developed a story line and catches this song.


    Our Song

    The tune was the third single from her self-titled debut album. She wrote the song with her high school show contest which sparks her mind and she didn’t even have a same song for the one of her previous boyfriend’s.


    Love Story

    It was the first single album which has captured the superstar status. The song was also inspired by the Taylor’s love interest that was not so popular among her family and friends. In the song she related her romance to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and this become her international hit.


    Teardrops on my guitar

    This song becomes the first song of Taylor which has reached top on billboard Hot 100 list. The song was inspired by Drew Hardwick who was the crush of Taylor in high school.  Drew was just unaware about her feeling and he continually speaks about his girlfriend to swift.

  • Clean Cut Role Model

     Clean Cut Role Model

    Swift is the bestselling country star who has become a genuine cultural phenomenon. She is America’s favourite darling. The beauty of her songs would also inspire parents who will sit down with their 13 year old kids and listen to her music. She is not perfect but has reached a fair share with a remarkable success at age of 24 year old.  She doesn’t drink or smoke as she says she always wanted to be responsible what she does.  Along with this she has proved to be wiser than her age and a worthwhile role model for tweens all over the world.  


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Taylor Swift Biography and Life Journey

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