Technology Innovations - Bionic Fingers

5 year ago
  • Technology Innovations - Bionic Fingers
    A man named Dennis Sorensen 35, who lost his arm in fireworks accident and could not be able to sense the touch same time researchers have developed the new amazing device with a new bionic finger that is developed by scientists. A Rocket blew into his hand 13 years ago. The scientist has made a device that is connected with the nerves in the upper arm and fitted so that patients can grip and feel objects. After connecting the device Dennis feel like he is using his own hand and also added that he still misses his lost hand. And he also feel the texture sensation in the index finger, and also the grip, he is the first person in the world who can recognise the texture using bionic fingertip. A machine is controlled every single moment as the fingertip moved across the textured plastic then the sensors are generated an electrical signal. Later they are translated in series and send via nerves to the nervous system.
  • Singing Umbrella

    Singing Umbrella

    It’s a smart Umbrella that will sing for you or alert you and tell the location when lost via app. Umbrella consist of the Bluetooth chip, that uses an app that could connect and gives alert to the umbrella, if umbrella is within 100 ft. from the customer than it would play the song from his fav list and acknowledge him, and also let him the current location that could be easy for the user to find it out. It’s it a cool stuff, price vary as per size and it could be very useful for the person who forgets things and keep their umbrella wherever he goes so now onwards no need to worry about this things and enjoy every rain happily.
  • Condenses pollutants converted into jewellery

    Condenses pollutants converted into jewellery

    A Dutch Designer named as Daan Roosegaarde has developed a 7 meters high tower that can filter the polluted air and purify it. As we all know that Air pollution is responsible for many deaths every year. After 3 years of research work he presented the largest air purifier built in Rotterdam. It can filter 30,000 m3 of polluted air and condenses pollutants in the form of tiny stones which can then be used to decorate rings and cufflinks. Each of these stones is equivalent to 1000 m3 of air. You can literally carry the pollution that was once in the air. By buying this jewellery, you participate in the purification of air.
  • Star Wars Bike Wood crafting

    Star Wars Bike Wood crafting

    A Greek Father crafts the wooden bike for her daughter and gave her on her first birthday, the design is made from the star wars hover boards that is still in the research phase, A father designed this model as he wanted to gift her the unique one, However this model was seen in 1983 in Star wars Episodes, and father have made a great efforts in designing and building this innovative gift.
  • Gigantic Streetlights

    Gigantic Streetlights

    Gigantic Streetlights shaped as Flowers Bloom when anybody passes by, it’s innovative streetlights that are made by municipality in the city of Jerusalem, and it is shaped as a four shaped giant flowers installed at the centre of the city with an unusual construction. It’s a 9 meter high plant that consists of six flowers at the location in Place de Valero Square. When any visitors pass by then the flowers are automatically opens up and provide temporary shelter to them.

Wilson George 5 year ago

Technology can reach anywhere

Rudy James 5 year ago

Innovative and useful stuff

Technology Innovations - Bionic Fingers

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