Technology Stuff you shouldn’t miss

5 year ago
  • Technology Stuff you shouldn’t miss
    Yes!! Friends we have amazing information related to the latest technology that has arisen in the market and is going on up to high level and this could be also very useful for you to know and study this. So check out the series.
  • Futuristic Eco-Friendly Vertical Village

    Futuristic Eco-Friendly Vertical Village

    Vincent Callebaut is an Architecture who has released many amazing design and also been designed Vertical eco neighbourhood called as a Jaypee Green Sports City. It is build outside of New Delhi called Hyperions and it consist of 36 Storey Towers connected by common green spaces, walkways, and eco-friendly shared utilities.
  • They are designed with energy efficiency and limit environmental impact. The substructure is made of steel and concrete with earthquake-resistant properties, while the superstructure consists of locally sourced solid wood. The design blends into the landscape making full potential for using the green space. Rooftops are planted with trees and vegetation to maximise green output. Lobby is filled with vegetation, and the designs feel like Controlled and organic. Fruits and vegetables can be grown outside apartments.
  • I phone Tattoo based technology

    I phone Tattoo based technology

    A new kind of tattoo is been created for the better security of your smart phone, which uses an amazing technology that can secure your all data in case of loss or theft. This method is used when to unlock your phone, the sticker is used as a code to unlock the phone and keep the records, this sticker serve as a temporary tattoo, and it has a special chip inside it. It can be available online and each has a life of 5 days.
  • The best place to place the sticker seems to be under the wrist, but you can put it on any part of the body where it is easy to put the phone. When your phone is in standby, you have to press a button before placing it on the tattoo. Finally, the process does not take less time than typing a conventional code or drawing a particular pattern.
  • Sheep will provide internet access

    Sheep will provide internet access

    Yes it’s true one day sheep are going to provide internet access and you can connect to Wi-Fi in the open countryside. Scientist in the UK university are experimenting on sheep and they are given the necklaces that could turn them into the internet access points, the idea behind this is to provide the internet in rural areas and know the condition of that places, like Floods, drought and agricultural pollution and also to know the cattle breeding period.
  • The scientists are going to conduct 18 months experiments in the Conwy country in the North of wales. These collars use frequencies between 144 and 900 MHz for the transmission of data and their range is five kilometers.

pinal desai 5 year ago

Sheep with Wi-Fi great stuff

Tyler Hatt 5 year ago

Technology have not limitation, they go beyond human imagination

Ricky Parker 5 year ago

Great news

Technology Stuff you shouldn’t miss

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