Three Werewolf sisters who are afflicted by disease want to get married

5 year ago
  • Three Werewolf sisters who are afflicted by disease want to get married
    Here we have the story of three sisters named as Savita (23 years) old , Monisha (18 years) old and Savitri (16 years) old from the Sangli family who wants to get married but they are suffering from the werewolf syndrome, which cause the thick growth in hair from head to foot , their family is gathering fund for the laser treatment . Sisters live in the small village in Pune and they were facing this disease disorder from their father, as he was suffering from werewolf syndrome. This occurs in very rare cases just one in billion people and these sisters were one among them.
  • All three sisters struggle a lot to keep the condition under control by using the different hair remover cream and hoping they’ll get a laser treatment soon and get rid of excessive hair. Despite of facing such condition the sisters have the dream to get married, they have to use special cream neither hair would come very soon again.
  • This condition started when Anita the Mother of girls was living with her uncle and aunt was forcedly married to the man at a very young age of 12. She was told that if she won’t get married she would be killed, and this was a arrange marriage so she was unaware of the man’s werewolf disease. She came to know after marriage on the first day. But she could not do anything about it and had total 6 daughters, 3 were not facing any disease but rest three sister were affected badly.
  • Girls living in small village of Pune were working and when the hair start growing they were sent to home. So every 15 days after as the hair grows they have to leave their job. Sisters want to get married but their mother explain that we village people don’t mind if girls are unmarried, but then also she tell them If she’ll get a man for them then she’ll allow them to get married soon.

Austin Jones 5 year ago

Oh!! These girls look so weird.

Darcy Bell 5 year ago

They really look like Werewolf, So scary hair grow everywhere

Herman Kaur 5 year ago

I think their mother should have complain about the forcedly marriage done, because due to that man these poor girls are suffering a lot and couldn’t get married.

Tyler Hatt 5 year ago

Why she gave birth to two more girls if she was have already 3 daughters and inspite of knowing the disease that she can have done to save those girls.

Three Werewolf sisters who are afflicted by disease want to get married

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