Top 5 Most Inspirational CEO in the World

5 year ago
  • Top 5 Most Inspirational CEO in the World
    List of the Most Inspirational CEO in the World, These people deserved to be recognized for their unique contributions. Even if you don’t know all of them, each one in their own way has affected our thinking, our experience, and our lives, and will continue to have an effect on our world in future.
  • 1. Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook

    1. Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook

    Mark Zuckerberg was born on 14 May 1984. Mark Zuckerberg is an American Computer Programmer, Internet entrepreneur. He is the chairman, chief executive, and co-founder of the social networking website Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg Net worth 35.7 billion USD. He is the Most Inspirational CEO in the World. He has redefined the Social Networking with his utter brilliance. He is the man behind the success of the concept and platform. The CEOs are continuously performing and contributing to improving the tech world even better.
  • 2. Yishan Wong – Reddit

    2. Yishan Wong – Reddit

    Yishan Wong was the CEO of Reddit from March 2012 until his resignation in November 2014. He is also the co-founder of Mountain View coworking space Sunfire Offices, In addition to having President Obama answering questions on his platform, Reddit has become the go to community to check the news and watch videos that are trending.
  • 3. Jeff Weiner – Linked In

    3. Jeff Weiner – Linked In

    Jeff Weiner was born on 21 February 1970. Jeff Weiner is an American Business man. He is the chief executive officer of LinkedIn, a business-related social networking website. He started with LinkedIn in December 2008 as Interim President. LinkedIn reports more than 175 million registered users in more than 200 countries and territories. Before joining LinkedIn, Weiner worked as an Executive in Residence for leading Venture Capital firms Accel Partners and Greylock Partners and also served as an executive at Yahoo Source.
  • 4. Jeff Bezos – Amazon. Com

    4. Jeff Bezos – Amazon. Com

    Jeff Bezos was born on 12 January 1964. Jeff Bezos is an American technology entrepreneur and investor. Jeff Bezos is the Founder and the CEO of He had left his New York City hedge fund job when he learned about the rapid growth in Internet use and drove to Seattle, writing his business plan along the way. He initially set up the company in his garage. Under his guidance, has become the largest retailer on the World Wide Web.
  • 5. Steve Ballmer –Microsoft

     5. Steve Ballmer –Microsoft

    Steve Ballmer was born on 24 March 1956. Steve Ballmer is an American businessman and the chief executive officer of Microsoft from January 2000 to February 2014, and is the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. Ballmer was the second person to become a billionaire in U.S. dollars based on stock options received as an employee of a corporation, in which he was neither a founder nor a relative of a founder.
Top 5 Most Inspirational CEO in the World

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