Top 7 Highest Paid Bollywood Actors 2016

5 year ago
  • Top 7 Highest Paid Bollywood Actors 2016

    Here the List of the top 7 Highest paid Bollywood Actors 2016. Everyone want to be success in their carrier. Bollywood actors also want to be successful in their life. Failures make them strong and they want to achieve success. The true road to success is not the desire for success, but the fear of failure. 

  • 1. Salman Khan- 60 Crore

    1. Salman Khan- 60 Crore

    Salman Khan was born on 27 December 1965. Salman Khan is an Indian Actor, Producer, and In a Film Carrier Spanning More Than 25 Year.  Khan has received numerous awards, including two National Film Awards, and two Filmfare Awards. Super Star Salman Khan is number one in Highest Paid List. The Dabangg actor rakes in an estimated Rs 244.50 crore through films and endorsements. Salman has actively been working on his charitable foundation Being Human which contributes to the poor and needy. The actor has had blockbusters to his credit including Kick, Dabangg, Dabangg 2 and Ek Tha Tiger to name a few. 

  • 2. Aamir Khan-50 Crore

    2. Aamir Khan-50 Crore

    Aamir Khan was born on 14 March 1965. Aamir Khan is an Indian Film Actor, Director and Producer. Mr. Perfectionist who chooses movie carefully is second highest paid Bollywood actor in the industry. He charges 50 Crore per film apart from share in profit. Some says that he can compromise on fee but not on profit sharing. His Box Office results give him every right to demand that profit.

  • 3. Akshay Kumar – 40-45 Crore

    3. Akshay Kumar – 40-45 Crore

    Akshay Kumar was born on 9 September 1967.  He is an Indian Actor, Producer. He has appeared in 100 Hindi Films. He has been Nomited Film Fare Award Servel Time and Winning Two Time. He began His Acting Carrier in 1990s. Akshay Kumar gets 40-45 Crore per film and share in profit which makes him one of the highest paid Bollywood actor. Akshay Kumar also paid highest tax in film industry last year.

  • 4. Shah Rukh Khan – 40 Crore

    4. Shah Rukh Khan – 40 Crore

    Shah Rukh Khan was born on 2 November 1965. Shahrukh Khan is an Indian film actor producer. He has appeard More than 80 films. He has been Describe one of the most Successful Actor in the World. SRK or King Khan Get 35-40 Crore per film which excludes profit he earn from every movie. Now most of his movies are his home production so the salary is only a part he earns from every movie.

  • 5. Hrithik Roshan- 35- 40 Crore

    5. Hrithik Roshan- 35- 40 Crore

    Hrithik Roshan was born on 10 January 1974. Hrithik Roshan is an Indian Film Actor.He won Six Filmfare Award. One of the most attractive male Celebrity in india. Indian Super Hero gets 40 Crore per film right now but some reports suggests that he will be paid 50 Crore in Ashutosh Gowariker’s Mohan Jodaro. If reports are true then he will rise to number two spot in Highest Paid Bollywood actor list.

  • 6. Ranbir Kapoor - 30 Crore

    6. Ranbir Kapoor - 30 Crore

    Ranbir Kapoor was born on 28 September 1982. Ranbir Kapoor is an Indian Actor. he has become one of the most popular celebrities and one of the highest-paid actors in India. He is the recipient of several awards, including five Filmfare Awards. The Son of the Actor Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor. He is favourite of many Bollywood Stars and is also one of the highest earning Bollywood actors. Reportedly he gets 30 Crore for every movie.

  • 7. Ajay Devgan- 25Crore

    7. Ajay Devgan- 25Crore

    Ajay Devgan was born on 2 April 1969. Ajay Devgan is an Indian actor, Director and Producer. He is Widly Consided as one of the popular actor in Hindi Cinema. He has won numerous awards and has been honoured by the Government of India with the Padma Shri in 2016. Ajay Devgan is next in highest paid Bollywood actors list. Apart from share in profit he gets 22-25 crore for every film. His recent Box Office success helped him raising salary and also shares in profit.

kresha shah 5 year ago

Well done Salman Khan

prachi gandhi 5 year ago

Akshay Kumar good going you deserve it..

Top 7 Highest Paid Bollywood Actors 2016

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