Top 7 Unusual places in the world

5 year ago
  • Top 7 Unusual places in the world
    Friends we bring an amazing series of the most unusually constructed building in the world, the architecture with the creative mind and powerful imagination construct the building with most uniqueness and giving a great sense of light to the located place.
  • Cylinder Homes in France

    Cylinder Homes in France

    Cylinder Homes is a half circled designed home done in France by the famous designer guy Dessauges from very ancient caves and the Roman Art of the concept has remained mis path, Cool designed stacked on one above other, and it is one among most famous unusual places around the world.
  • Dear Ginza Building

    Dear Ginza Building

    Dear Ginza building is located in Chuo, Tokyo, Japan. This building was built on 2013. It the towering commercial block designs for Amano office. They wanted a design which catches the eye and by looking at it looks more attractive. The location is set in the empty street where it looks beautiful and full on central atmosphere street.
  • Hotel Marques de Riscal- Elciego in spain

    Hotel Marques de Riscal- Elciego in spain

    Hotel Marques in Spain, where Frank Gehry is the famous architecture who designs this Wow Design which consists of 9 million Bottles of wine on the wall of the Hotel, it’s one of the oldest hotel Rioja labels founded in 1858.
  • Zaha Hadid

    Zaha Hadid

    Zaha Hadid is the SOHO building in a shape like ribbon located in the business zone in china, this building is the second largest building built by Zaha Hadid in shanghai, the building define the gesture and distinctive metallic envelope. It is highly expressive, sculptures quality and light of sense and space.
  • Disaster Resistant Architecture by Dionisio Gonzalez

    Disaster Resistant Architecture by Dionisio Gonzalez

    Dionisio Gonzalez built a latest series transaction a set of imaginary architectural realization. He built the building by keeping in mind the human and nature point of view; this building won’t get affected by any disaster. The artist is the Spanish and had a very creative mind.
  • Ribbon Chapel Hiroshi Nakamura

    Ribbon Chapel Hiroshi Nakamura

    The building is located in the ground of luxury resort in Japan, this wedding building is designed by the Hiroshi Nakamura, and the building is similar like Tokyo based architecture. They are meeting at the top roof of the building.
  • Folkart Tower

    Folkart Tower

    Folkart Tower is the twin skyscrapers of Izmir, reaching the structural height of 200m. This is the tallest building of Izmir; the construction work was completed in 2014 and later in year 2015 largest art gallery was built in the open tower in Turkey.

Austin Jones 5 year ago

The title is very appropriate to the list given

Cody Kelly 5 year ago

The building that are architect are very unusual

Martin Wood 5 year ago

I think I would like to visit Dionisio Gonzalez architecture’s building that can face any disaster near the sea that could be pretty amazing to visit

Wilson George 5 year ago

And I want to go for Zaha Hadid it has an amazing parking slot

Herman Kaur 5 year ago

For me the collection of multinational beer in Hotel Marques is the best.

Top 7 Unusual places in the world

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