Top Animal Astronauts who had a trip to space - Mice

5 year ago
  • Top Animal Astronauts who had a trip to space - Mice
    In 1950 one mouse was sent on board of 5th flight of the Albert Series of v2 launches but it was unsuccessful but later than in 1958, 11 mice were took in Aerobee missile and this mission also failed. In 1959, 14 more mice were sent and later on this was a successful attempt and they were returned back safely.
  • 2. Guinea Pig

    2. Guinea Pig

    In year 1961 the first guinea pig was sent to space on Soviet Sputnik 9 spacecraft along with bunch of other animals like dogs, mice, reptiles and within 30 years 1990 there was so progress that the animals that were sent to space have also returned back safely.
  • 3. Fish and Frogs

    3. Fish and Frogs

    In 1970 Nasa have send two bull frogs under the programme called as Orbiting Frog this mission was based on mechanism that controls equilibrium in inner ear so researchers had collect much information but frogs have never recovered, Later Fish were also send in 1973 on spacecraft called as Skylab 3 for which the mission was in extreme condition do Fishes can survive or not, in some few years later others kinds like swordtails, oyster toadfish were also sent in space for research purpose.
  • 4. Turtles & Tortoises

    4. Turtles & Tortoises

    Tortoises were the one who had spent 90 days in space and there were two turtles that were send to space in year 1968 in Zond 5 spacecraft with the intention of sending them to deep space. Before coming down to earth they made a loop to the moon and returned safely from space to earth.
  • 5. Cats

    5. Cats

    French people are very much eager to send animals to space and do experiments on them, so here we have the cats named as Felix went to space in October 1963; they were launch off in Veronique AGI Rocket and had also safely returned. There were rumours that during the launch Felix ran from there and they have sent another female cat named Felicette.
  • 6. Spider

    6. Spider

    In 1973 Skylab spiders went to space in 3 missions. The spiders Anita and Arabella were the two spiders that went to space. The researchers want to find out how the spaceflights react to the lightweight of the constructing web in space. But unfortunately both died due to the dehydration and their body is still in the display in the Smithsonian.
  • 7. Monkey

    7. Monkey

    Since 1940 there were so many attempts to send monkeys to space some failed and some succeeded, in 1961 Ham became the first monkey to enter the space, he was the first chimp to have entered space other than dogs and have touched the orbit, they were the second to go after dogs.
  • 8. Dogs

    8. Dogs

    Laika was the first Dog who had travelled to the space and is the first dog to touch the orbit; she has flown on Nov 3rd 1957, but was unfortunately died due to overheating and stress. But later after few years animals started to return back safely from space to earth. No other animals before her have touched the orbit.

Cody Kelly 5 year ago

Wow great NEWS

Ricky Parker 5 year ago

topic is interesting

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Animal astronaunts haha

swati mishra 5 year ago

that's cool Even All this insects and turtles have reach the space

Top Animal Astronauts who had a trip to space - Mice

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