Top Stories you need to Know

5 year ago
  • Top Stories you need to Know
    Guys!! We all have a feeling to know everything at a time and in very short duration of time so if you all important information at one place that can save your time and with less time you would get to know much information. So we bring the top latest news that is found to be very helpful and covers almost all the categories. Check this out
  • Maria Sharapova fails the drugs test

    Maria Sharapova fails the drugs test

    Yes it’s true, Maria Sharapova fails the drugs test and the result shows positive when at the Australian open. And the agency said that the World Anti-Doping have banned list for 2016 and still she was using it. When Sharapova told in the press conference that she did not know about the banned list of 2016 before she took that medicines, and she was taking it since 2006 and this year that particular substance was banned and list was out. Later Sharapova apologise and told that she had made a great mistake as she did not know about the updated list and she didn’t want to end his career this way. The International Tennis Federation confirmed in the former statement that they accept her apology and allow her to play in coming August till then she is ban to play.
  • The trainer gained 70 pounds

    The trainer gained 70 pounds

    The trainer gained 70 pounds to lose the weight with her overweight client, A personal trainer who work on himself for 3 months to gain 70 pounds so that he can lose weight with her client on following a regular diet, He just stop exercise and just ate donuts for breakfast and pizza for lunch and McDonald’s for Dinner and Oreos in between and also Soda in diet and this move him to a high blood pressure. Dr told him that he was doing serious damage to his body but till then he had consume 69 pounds, and later started loosening weight with her client and He manage to lose 57 pounds and his client 58 pounds.
  • India’s first three fighter Pilots

    India’s first three fighter Pilots

    It’s a first time from now that this trio will be out soon as a woman first fighter trio pilots in India, Bhawana kanth who is one of the three pilots from Bihar said that it was her childhood dream to become a pilot one day, that only the boys were supposed to do. But my parents make me feel that I can do it and motivate me in all my troubles. Mohana Singh said that she came from Air force family, her father and grandfather both served as in Indian Air Force. After completing IT she was looking for jobs but was also preparing for the services too. Avani Chaturtvedi said that she is from MP and there are no differences between both the sexes so both can be treated in the similar way. So hoping we Trio can change everyone’s thinking.
  • Yellow Eyebrows Frog discovered in Colombia

    Yellow Eyebrows Frog discovered in Colombia

    A new Species of the Frog is discovered that the frog has yellow eyebrows and the skin is very dark in colour and it folds to retain humidity, it can also mix with the rocky soil and settle in the mountainous regions. The frog’s front legs are having sticky pads, and they lay eggs inside the ground.
  • March 9, 2016 declared as Total Solar Eclipse

    March 9, 2016 declared as Total Solar Eclipse

    On 9 March the total Solar Eclipse would be occurred and partial Solar Eclipse would be seen after sunrise, this would be seen from the Most places in India like North west and western part of the country. Eclipse will be begin in 4h 49 m IST. And ends at 9h 08m IST, The partial phase will end at 10h 05m IST. This can be viewed with your naked eye and for very short time, Moon will cover most of the sun.

Herman Kaur 5 year ago

Maria can join in August, great news

jinal kothari 5 year ago

Good information

sana pathan 5 year ago

I want that trainer in my house

prachi gandhi 5 year ago

Congratulation Indain Pilots

Top Stories you need to Know

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