Top Unusual News in the World

5 year ago
  • Top Unusual News in the World

    Weird and some unusual news that you haven’t heard and have not known but they do really exist and is also very true have a quick look to the gallery.

  • Ketchup and Chips Tree

    Ketchup and Chips Tree

     Yes this News is true we are going to have a new plant for the first time and also a unique one that grows both tomatoes and potatoes, and is going to launched in Britain, the bizarre name given as TomTato is aimed to grow a family tree who have their houses in flat and have limited garden space. This hybrid took 6 years to be perfect grow and now the researchers have come up with the new hybrid plant. The two in one plant has cherry like tomatoes on the top and white potatoes underground. You can now buy this unusual plant and can grow in your less space garden.  

  • Woman’s hand swell to size of football

    Woman’s hand swell to size of football

    A rare medical condition that will really shock you a woman with the deformity born tells that she had this condition since birth or may be inside her mother’s womb. Before it was small but it started to grow eventually, and now the blisters grow on her hand and it itch very badly but have never hurt.  As she could not afford treatment, now she is in Bangladesh and she needs helps for payment of her surgery. Despite of this condition she would also work with her one hand. 

  • E-Skin to detect Potential Health Issues

    E-Skin to detect Potential Health Issues

    A Layer which is protected by Synthetic skin is placed on the human body and can be detecting potential issue like track heart rate and also monitor Blood Oxygen Levels. Scientist from the University of Tokyo describes the E-Skin as Ultra-thin, Ultra Flexible with the protective layers. E-skin doesn’t have a very long span but can be live up to several hours and researchers are trying something more to increase life span.

  • Ed Sheeran Singer Helps hens to lay more eggs

    Ed Sheeran Singer Helps hens to lay more eggs

    Farmers confirmed that Birds lays more eggs when the Music is on. Boss of Yorkshire Farmhouse tried playing tunes of different artists including Classical, Jazz, and also even Justin Bieber and among them they found the Ed Sheeran is the best singer for them. The Singer was born in nearby town and the potter has also placed the photo of the Sheeran. So the hens produce large quality of hens with the more in numbers. Pampering of hens make them feels very happy and they simply lay more eggs.

Martin Wood 5 year ago

Great Post

Ricky Parker 5 year ago

Good to know about all this stuff

Wilson George 5 year ago

Oh the Hens are so Music Lovers

Rudy James 5 year ago

That woman is going through very tuff situation

Top Unusual News in the World

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