Weird and Strange Competitions in the world

5 year ago
  • Weird and Strange Competitions in the world
    We humans are very competitive in nature and for doing weird thing in the strange way and also with getting Grand International award for that or any Cash Prize that who would not prefer to show their winning skills and participate in these strange championship, yes we have a top list of the strangest competition so check out the series.
  • The Championship on Unemployment

    The Championship on Unemployment

    The weird and strange challenges make people’s thinking up to any great extant where peoples are unemployed and that can be the result of economic crises, in year 2009 a group of unemployed people gathered and form a legal competition, this idea of converting the unemployment came to the mind of one person in New York who was recently sent resignation. It was called as an Olympic Games championship where 20 unemployed participated. It was disciplines called as “Accuse the Boss”, throwing office phones, office boxing and “You are discharged” kind of games played at New York.
  • Marathon on High Heels

    Marathon on High Heels

    This strange competition is held in the city of Sydney, Paris, Amsterdam and also in Moscow it’s a kind of Race on heels, More than 300 participants took part in this competition and which covers 80m on heels and heels should be not below than 7cm and no thicker than 1.5cm. and all this is done to win the grand prize and when only the three participants are left they are given the chance to wear the magnificent luxury sandals.
  • The Championship on Whistle

    The Championship on Whistle

    An International whistle competition is held every year from past 30 years in Ireland where large number of people gathered there and participated in the competition. There were many participants every year who took great interest in whistle competition, if we talk about whistling in public by looking at sexy girl they would definitely slap if you’re not in small town, but here in this country they are opening blowing whistle and in the first round Top 7 are finalists over all it’s a Grand and International championship title with a trophy.
  • Championship on Inflating Hot Water Bottles

    Championship on Inflating Hot Water Bottles

    Yes it’s true that an International championship is held that who can burst the water bottles in seconds and yes one person named Jamal Tkeshelashvili age of 18 year busted the 3 bottles one for 23 seconds, 2nd for 16 seconds, and 3rd for 13 seconds. He is a great man from Georgia put a new record. It’s not a joke and you too don’t try this at your home
  • Toe Wrestling

    Toe Wrestling

    Toe Wrestling is very similar to arm wrestling, the players must remove their shoes and socks and played with the bare feet, and then the toe are put flat to each other and opponents have to attempt to pin the other foot with in a seconds while avoiding the same. Total 3 rounds are played and in 2 rounds one should win. Weird isn’t it, but for fun you could be the winner.
  • The Championship of Throwing Eggs

    The Championship of Throwing Eggs

    This competition of throwing eggs is really serious sports and is held in Britain since 2006 and is played from all around the world. It also includes the 4 competitive rounds with the great and grand cash prizes.
  • Football in a Mud

    Football in a Mud

    A Football game is played in mud since 2008 where thousands of men and women wear on ankles in the mud and struggle for the main prize for the 10th annual Football championship and since that year these activity is going on. It’s a game of 22 players with the size of game field of 60х35 meters. There is 2 games with 2 rounds held, Each game is 25 minutes. For the prize money they can wear long dresses, white hospital gowns, supermen dress, tight shorts, ties, pink wigs and much more funny costumes for the game.
  • The Championship of Extreme Ironing

    The Championship of Extreme Ironing

    It’s really a very weird and shocking championship that those who have participated in this game need to Iron the certain things in the most dangerous places, mountains, on the ice, or in water. The winner should have the excellent skills in Rock climbing, Scuba diving and must Iron the clothes in the middle of the water. This competition was held in Leicester, Britain in 1997.

Tyler Hatt 5 year ago

Strange how this competition are developed

Wilson George 5 year ago

I want to try all this at least once

Weird and Strange Competitions in the world

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