Weird Facts about Human Body you should know

5 year ago
  • Weird Facts about Human Body you should know
    You all must be very interested in knowing how your body works and how your body react to any situations, and also which one is more powerful than other and how the activities are done in your body, so don’t worry friends we have a complete package that will definitely help you to know about your body functionalities, your sense and also how your brain would react to, check out the information.
  • Brain Facts

    Brain Facts

    Brain does not feel pain as the brain is only responsible for possesses pain signals. Your brain is made up to 80% of Water, so it’s very important that you should consume more water. Your brain is active at night whereas you think that you’re your mind is active at day time but it’s not like that. Your IQ level depends on your dreams as more you dream smarter you are. Brain changes shapes as you grow. Your brain can store everything like what you hear, see, read, experience. And you can get that information anytime you want to recall as your brain has a different speed level of getting information so when you recall any information it takes a very short time but some information takes a very long time to recall.
  • Sense


    Your body smell is unique, even the babies smells to recognize their mothers. Women smell better than men. Your nose can remember 50,000 scents, when you overeat your hearing slow down. Your sense of time is in your head, time is all about your perception, and Adrenaline gives you super strength: Yes, with the proper response in certain situations, you really can lift a car.
  • Body Function

    Body Function

    Your teeth are growing before you birth and it takes 6 months to come out of gums, Earwax is very necessary as they should be needed, your saliva can feel 2 swimming pools in your life span journey. You probably can pass 14 times gas in a day. A sneeze can exceed 100 mph and cough can exceed 60 mph. your bones can be stronger than steel also. Strongest muscle in our body is tongue. More usage of muscles is used to concentrate than to smile. There are 26 bones in your each foot, when you wake up in the morning it would make you taller and during day time the body make you shorter by 1cm.

swati mishra 5 year ago

Brain changes shape as we grow, good one

Martin Wood 5 year ago

And our nose can remember more than 50,000 scents

Darcy Bell 5 year ago

Cool Article and also very useful

sana pathan 5 year ago

Informative, well done

Weird Facts about Human Body you should know

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