Weird Hotels in the world- Sand Hotel- England

5 year ago
  • Weird Hotels in the world- Sand Hotel- England
    The Sand Hotel in England is the amazing hotel build with sandcastle building the new and unique sculptures, the hotel uses 1000 tons of sand and builds the sculptures for the hotel every week they built new sculptures, you can view the sea from the hotel and it cost you £ 10 onwards.
  • Ice Hotel- Sweden

    Ice Hotel- Sweden

    Ice Hotel is built every year by artist in November; the ice is polished, sanded and then craved up. The hotel is 13km away from Kiruna and is covered with 6,000 square meters with snow and ice. But the sleeping bags are thermal where you can sleep and relax yourself. It cost around $1000 and there are 50,000 visitors every year.
  • Salt Hotel- Bolivia

    Salt Hotel- Bolivia

    The entire wall, floor and the building is made from salt where you can even taste it if you want. This hotel is located on the hills of the Colchani from where you can take the view of the Salt Lake. The salt Hotel Luna Salada is very unique and also attracts many visitors. It cost you $150 overnight. But the experience would be amazing.
  • Waldseilgarten Höllschlucht Hotel- Germany

    Waldseilgarten Höllschlucht Hotel- Germany

    It is an extraordinary Hotel in Germany where the room is built high up on the tree; it’s made for the people, who love heights, sleeping under the tree, you can have the mountain view from the top of the tree and enjoy some quality of time with your beloved and the fresh natural air touches you from inside, it only cost you $300 per night.
  • Magic Mountain Hotel- Chile

    Magic Mountain Hotel- Chile

    The Magic Mountain Hotel known as Montana is the lodge in Chile which is called as Magic Mountain as the waterfalls from the top of the hotel and also the hotel is built like Mountain. The hotel is surrounded by the dense forest and the water falls from the top to the bottom. The cost of the single room is $215 US. Many visitors and travellers come and visit here.
  • Capsule Hotel- Japan

    Capsule Hotel- Japan

    Capsule is a kind of room which is very small in size and built in japan, it also provide the cheap overnight accommodation for the guest who cannot effort the costly hotels. It gives you the check-out time of 9 hours, they gives high tech sci-fi, TV, Mirror bed. When you check-in you’ll get loungewear for a night and a slippers so that sport can know about your stay also the bathing boxers. The cost would be $19 per night.

Rudy James 5 year ago

Great interesting stuff

Ricky Parker 5 year ago

Very good post, nice work

Daxon Lane 5 year ago

I am sure try out one from this

Austin Jones 5 year ago

I think the tree room is very Romantic for the couples as it shows the natural beauty

Tyler Hatt 5 year ago

Oh So cold Icey Room

Weird Hotels in the world- Sand Hotel- England

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