What I Am For You

7 year ago
  • What I Am For You 7 year ago

  • What I Am For You

    I am music for your heart
    laughter for your tears
    a constant soothing voice
    that whispers in you ear

    I am an anchor to hold onto
    a path when you are lost
    the one who'll always rescue you
    no matter what the cost

    I am food for your hunger
    water for your thirst
    comfort for all your pains
    where ever you may hurt

    I am a breeze in the summer
    a fire when you're cold
    the blanket that you snuggle with
    when you need someone to hold

    I am constant as the stars
    your friend forever true
    a promise to always be by your side
    taking care of you

What I Am For You

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