Widower of Jo Cox wants continue to fight for the legacy

5 year ago
  • Widower of Jo Cox wants continue to fight for the legacy

    British politician Jo Cox was a member of the Parliament for Batley and Spen constituency. She died after being shot and stabbed, armed officer responded to the attack nearby in West Yorkshire. 52 year old man was arrested who was locally named as Tommy Mair. Police needs one at least one witness who claimed to have heard about attacker shout.


  • Cox’s husband, Brendan said he is going to start with new beginning of a new chapter in his life as the time was more difficult and painful. He is going to work very hard and grow his kids to make them understand how fight can cause from hatred which killed Jo. As Jo was the very energetic person who believes in better world and fought every day of her life.

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  • Jo Cox was killed due to her strong political views said by Brendan who is a former adviser to Gordon Brown and Save the Children executive, said his wife had been worried about the tone in the EU debate(Watch Video). Adding to this he said that he don't want people ascribing views to her that she didn't have but I certainly want to continue to fight for the legacy she espoused. Mr Cox want to tell their children how their mother was with full of energy, joy and about living life and who would never regrets about her life.

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Widower of Jo Cox wants continue to fight for the legacy

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