Winter Station Toronto Competition

5 year ago
  • Winter Station Toronto Competition
    The competition was supported by the City of Toronto and funded by a range of sponsors. All construction will be carried out in Toronto by firms selected by the organizers and overseen by the entrant, the project manager and the construction team. The entrants chosen to participate in this competition agree to work to the schedule established by the organizers. Winning teams will be provided with an allowance for travel and accommodation to spend time in Toronto during the installation and the activities surrounding the opening
  • Sling Swing- London Liverpool, UK

    Sling Swing- London Liverpool, UK

    Sling Swing is the design which transforms the modest lifeguard stand into a strong sculptural designer ride that provides seating and shelter. You’ll definitely enjoy the wind swing near the beach. It’s very simple and looped canvas hanged down, it’s just simple and very colourful.
  • Hot Box- Canada

    Hot Box- Canada

    It’s a Hot Box Winter station designed by Michaela MacLeod and Nicholas Croft for winter station in Canada. Inside this Hot box there is a fire ring inside kept in the centre. It would definitely keep you warm from inside and kind of attractive type. Longer you stay inside you’ll feel better than anything in this frenzy cold winter.
  • Wing Back – New Hampshire, USA

    Wing Back – New Hampshire, USA

    The creator is Timothy Olson who had added a small fire pit in the middle of the ground. It gives the warming effect; the passengers can pass by and also can have the conversation stop here and have rest for a while.
  • Driftwood Throne

    Driftwood Throne

    Driftwood Throne is a beautiful angular wooden structured by architect Daniel Madeiros, providing bleacher style seating and protection from the wind. Wide steps lead up to an opening where a small bench forms a lookout point. Ground level benches recessed into nooks on either side of the structure are sheltered under the pointed wings of the structure.
  • Freeze/Thaw


    Triangular fins radiate from the exterior of the round structure, allowing it to catch snow. This one was not actually an official entry into the competition. The Department of Architectural Science at Ryerson University was invited to join the other four finalists and designers Diana Koncan and Lily Jeon really did an awesome job with this one.

Martin Wood 5 year ago

I am sure going to take part in this competition

Ricky Parker 5 year ago

Interesting stuff, good Job

Winter Station Toronto Competition

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