World’s Most Expensive Food - Italian White Alba Truffle – $ 330,000

5 year ago
  • World’s Most Expensive Food - Italian White Alba Truffle – $ 330,000
    Its world most expensive truffles sold up till now, as they are very difficult to cultivate and some people have also named as King of Fungi. Here white Truffle is more expensive than Black truffle. It is oddly shaped with a strong odour. Some call it as aroma dirt covered with fungi sold thousands in dollar. There is nothing in this planet that taste and smell amazing like White truffle.
  • $3.95 Million Strawberries at Arnaud

     $3.95 Million Strawberries at Arnaud

    Its bowl full of lush strawberries, French vanilla ice-cream, mint port red wine sauce, and a compliment of 7 carat pink diamond ring by MS Rau Antique. It’s a kind proposal package and the original price is $1.4 million of 4 .71 carat rings and here is 7 carat ring, no girl would ever reject this beautiful proposal
  • Margo


    It’s one of most expensive pizza in the world if you wanna have this pizza then you need to book a week in advance, the topping are with the organic water buffalo mozzarella, 24 carat gold leaf and the truffles flown. The taste is literally amazing, the cost is somewhat high and you need to lighted your wallet to have this delicious and fancy pizza.
  • Marc Guibert’s Lindeth Howe Pudding – $ 35,000

    Marc Guibert’s Lindeth Howe Pudding – $ 35,000

    $35,000 chocolate pudding from British hotel is more expensive pudding in the world sold in England. It’s a desert made by Marc Guibert’s Lindeth. The chocolate pudding is made from highly chocolate content, gold, caviar, and two carat diamond. It’s the world’s expensive desert in the world.
  • Nino


    It’s one of the most luxurious caviar pizzas that are costing $1000 in the world; this pizza is created by Nino’s Bellissima in the New York restaurant. The Pizza price is high due to the topping of caviar that itself is $820. Hundreds of people have already tried this pizza when you are going to try out. Adding more fish thin slice lobster, cream, salmon roll, chives and wasabi paste as a topping.
  • Sweet Surrender, Las Vegas — $750 cupcake

    Sweet Surrender, Las Vegas — $750 cupcake

    The crumbs cupcake contains 100 year old cognac and gold leaf for Lag Vegas with sweet heighted rollers sold in $750. The Palazzo hotel’s sweet surrender store sells this chocolate cupcake. The prices are high as it also takes very lot of time in preparing each one. Order must be given before 48 hours in advance. Dish is severed in crackled gold glass.
World’s Most Expensive Food - Italian White Alba Truffle – $ 330,000

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