World’s Most Famous Houses- TuboHotel

5 year ago
  • World’s Most Famous Houses- TuboHotel
    Tubohotel is situated in Mexico designed form concrete tubing recycled into affordable; it’s a hotel in tube. This strategy is designed by T3arc. The modules are mostly arranged in stacked pyramids of three tubes to free up the wooded site, the top room of each pyramid is accessible via a set of stairs. Inside, it's a queen size bed, with curtains providing some privacy. Its cost is $43 USD per night.
  • Space Buster

    Space Buster

    It’s a van with a bubble; this inflatable public space emerges from the back of a truck and can fit about 80 people inside for public meetings, dinners and even concerts. The material is a translucent plastic that allows the events taking place inside of the shelter. Raumlabor is a group of architects and urban designers based in Berlin, Germany have made this space buster in van.
  • Serpentine Pavilion

    Serpentine Pavilion

    Serpentine is a temporary pavilion for the Serpentine Gallery in London, Ito worked with engineer Cecil Balmond. The simple rectangular space is made stunning by complex cuts generated from computer algorithms. Toyo Ito deconstructed the idea of a simple box, using angles and cuts. It looks random, but it is very precise.
  • Mirrored tree house

    Mirrored tree house

    It is almost invisible where the house is built, it is located in Sweden But there is one problem with the room, and birds can struggle to spot it too. To prevent birds from flying head-on into the mirrored walls, the four sides were clad with infrared film that only birds can see. The Owners of the house are Kent and Britta Lindvall who offer guests the chance to stay at their exclusive tree house, for £213 a night.
  • Hello house Australia

    Hello house Australia

    The Hello House is a two-bedroom Victorian-era home and creative studio. He home features a large, white-brick wall featuring the word ‘HELLO’, that offers a conversation with the neighbouring buildings and its residents.

Cody Kelly 5 year ago

Oh the Tubohotel is the coolest

Tyler Hatt 5 year ago

Yes I too prefer to have a sleep at least a night in Tubo room

monika singh 5 year ago

How the air could not pass through space Buster

kirti rav 5 year ago

No I want to try Mirror tree house

World’s Most Famous Houses- TuboHotel

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