World’s Odd Musical Instruments - Hydraulophone

5 year ago
  • World’s Odd Musical Instruments - Hydraulophone
    Its can work with two ways, you can play the music with the organ powered by water, and when music is stopped or not in use this instrument work as water fountain. Hydraulophone is very useful and amazing instrument that could be beautifully played when played by any skilled musician. The creator of the hydraulophone is Steve Mann, an engineering professor at the University of Toronto.
  • Branching Corrugahorn

    Branching Corrugahorn

    It’s a weird Instrument that is made from the essential material for the flex tube to be sort made with rigid surface. When you blow air through corrugated tube, it bumps over the ridges and you can hear the clear tone. The tube has several mouth chambers that help you to play different tones. The tubes are very helpful as they can be stretched without breaking. The tube you can find in hospital, or in mechanic shop.
  • Singing Ringing Tree

    Singing Ringing Tree

    Here we have very interesting Singing Ringing Tree designed by Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu it’s a kind of sculpture that could play the Music when the wind passes through it; it is located in Pennine Hills, England. The sculpture is having the height of 3 meters. There are steel pipes with the several holes with different holes. It just depends on the quantity of wind passes through it.
  • Stalacpipe Organ

    Stalacpipe Organ

    Stalacpipe Organ is created by Pentagon scientist LeIand W. Sprinkle in 1956; it is the world’s largest musical instrument. Occupying more than three acres of Luray Caverns in Virginia, the organ produces music tones by striking the stalactites of different sizes with rubber mallets using a keyboard console. The music produced by the instrument can be heard from anywhere in the caverns without a loudspeaker.
  • Zeusaphone


    A Zeusaphone is the instrument that could be played with the help of Tesla Coils; it is one of the weirdest instruments till now we have look to, the two names are derived from God’s name as Zeus and Thor. The frequency is so high that it can produce large amount of noise and beyond human perception. The term Zeusaphone is trademarked by a company that sold and rented singing Tesla coils, but no longer maintains a website.

Austin Jones 5 year ago

Amazing Article for the Music Lover

Darcy Bell 5 year ago

Omg real Bizarre Instruments

Tyler Hatt 5 year ago

Last one is more dangerous

World’s Odd Musical Instruments - Hydraulophone

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