World’s Thrill seekers that will shock you

5 year ago
  • World’s Thrill seekers that will shock you
    Who don’t want to be a thriller person and just the thought of it you make you think about some funny thrilling thing you want to try, so what are you waiting go out have fun try out new stuff that could only be possible by you and show the world how thriller person are you.
  • Would you sleep here?

    Would you sleep here?

    Yes it’s really very true, People do sleep here and hang out with friends it’s a kind of festival where people relax by lying on Hammock strung thousands of feet up in the air between mountains. People tie ropes in there, walk in the rope. The members who are trying this stuff is the most practiced and skilled athletes who have travelled to take part in this International highline Meeting in Monte Piana, Italy.
  • The members came here before a week to practice the sport in harmony and many members are increasing annually. It was first started in 2012, and the Monte was identified as a great place for the sport, as there are natural geographical features such as waterfalls and gorges. It will really give your heart amazing feeling.
  • The competition took place in different manner like blindfolded, trundling a wheelbarrow, on stilts, sitting down halfway and making omelette. People just enjoy this festival by playing guitar in the middle of it.
  • 1 year baby has Been Travelling around the World since She Was Born

    1 year baby has Been Travelling around the World since She Was Born

    It’s very true the Mom Karen Edwards a 31 years old Nurse with her baby of 10 weeks and her partner used her maternity leave in travelling and utilizing it in different way. They packed everything in one bag and travelled all over in Asia, Australia, and also New Zealand. Karen do not believe that she could not go out with her small baby and there is no fun after baby, they are the ,lovely parents do not stay very long at one place instead travel days after days and enjoy every kind of fun like, snorkelling and also diving.
  • Karen friends told that the couple is crazy that they are taking the same baby with them, as they both have decided to move on as a back packers since she felt pregnant, whereas the husband of Karen Shaun left his job, sold their car and rented their house and move on for travel. Over 10 months they travelled across Asia, Australia and New Zealand with only one back pack. The baby named as Esme was vaccinated before leaving for UK, She was born in London. The difficult part was they were not liking to come back home.
World’s Thrill seekers that will shock you

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