World’s Top 10 List of Cats Breed - Persian Cat

5 year ago
  • World’s Top 10 List of Cats Breed - Persian Cat
    The Persian cat is a long hair breed having a round face, short muzzle. They are the oldest cat breeds with a loyal personality. The Persian cat wants the safe and comfortable environment; they can live 10 years or more. 52% cats can live more than 12.5 years. Cats need regular grooming to prevent matting. To keep their fur in its best condition, they must be bathed regularly, dried carefully afterwards, and brushed thoroughly every day.
  • Siamese Cat

    Siamese Cat

    The Siamese Cat are the first main recognized breeds in Asian Cats. There are also several different varieties available in cats. They are quite, slim are also known as stylish they are well muscled body. Their heads are bit of triangular in shape and are known for their athletic by having large ears. Eyes are somewhat light blue in colour with the almond shaped. They can have memory of up to 12.5 years.
  • Maine Coon Cat

    Maine Coon Cat

    The Maine Coon Cat is the largest domesticated breeds in cats their appearance is very unique and distinct from one another and they are known for their hunting. They also have the large bone structure. Their body shape is rectangular in shape. The Maine Coon Cat is very well known for their intelligence. They average have 12-18 pounds and in females they are around 10-14 pounds.
  • Abyssinian Cat

    Abyssinian Cat

    Abyssinian Cat is the breed of domestic shorthaired cat, they have the distinct fur with the ticked coat and are most popular breed found in most of all common breeds of cats, The Abyssinian has since become one of the most popular breeds of shorthair cat in the USA. In Great Britain the Abyssinian cat was developed. The coat is dark in colour and their legs are very long. The adult coat should not be excessively short and is ideally fine, dense and close-lying, silky to the touch.
  • Ragdoll Cat

    Ragdoll Cat

    Ragdoll Cat is the breed with the blue eyes and is the largest kind of domesticated cat breeds; the colour is very distinct and has a soft silky skin. Ragdoll Cat also has muscular semi longhair, quite, gently and affectionate. They are often known as the Dog like Cat, they have the behaviour such like they like to follow people all around all sides.
  • Exotic Cat

    Exotic Cat

    The Exotic Cat is the breed of the version of the Persian. They have very short hair and are very playful in nature and also friendly with other cats. They have more affection than most breeds and are also calm and are steady nature. The Exotic is an ideal breed that produces a quiet, sweet, peaceful and loyal companion.
  • Burmese Cat

    Burmese Cat

    Burmese Cat is a domestic Breed which have originated from Southeast Asia, their breed is generally gold or yellow and also sometime Blue or green. They have a glossy texture and they really trust their owners a lot. Burmese Cat has wide range of colours and some of those also refer to British type as European Burmese Cat.
  • Manx Cat

    Manx Cat

    Manx Cat are the breed of Domestic Cat also have a very short tail. But they are generally known for their tail-less look. But have a very short small stub like tail. Manx Cat comes in different colours coat, they are known for their skilled hunters, also social, tame and active all time.
  • Savannah Cat

    Savannah Cat

    Savannah Cat is the Hybrid cat breed; they have a cross between Serval and the domestic cats. They are the largest breeds and are tall and slim. Their appearance is very cool are greater in size than their actual weight. They know how to open doors, Savannah Cat looks different deep colour, erect ears, long legs, fat, puffy nose and hooded eyes this make them differ from one another and their breed is recently studied by the researchers.
  • Sphynx cat

    Sphynx cat

    Sphynx is the cat of the specific breed that is developed through selective breeding they are also called as Canadian Hairless or known for its lack of coat. The Sphynx cats are not totally hairless they are somewhat having very tiny hairs. They have very large eyes and they can also sleep with their owners. Sphynxes are known for their extroverted behaviour. They have a great behaviour they welcome and greet their owners and are polite while meeting strangers.

Daxon Lane 5 year ago

Very Good Information

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It can be useful for me when I am getting my new Pet

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Oh I did not at all know about these breeds

World’s Top 10 List of Cats Breed - Persian Cat

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