World Expensive Water

5 year ago
  • World Expensive Water
    Now there is no Ordinary water available, as water also cost you much more than any other expensive things in the world what cost you so high in price and what are the benefits of it as how it would be utilized and by whom and what amount it should be taken so have a look over the series.
  • Hawaiian Deep Sea Water & Bling H2O

    Hawaiian Deep Sea Water & Bling H2O

    Bling H2O: Kelvin G Boyd has created the high end bottled and recently introduced to some actors and athletes before it went in public. Each bottle cost as $40. Hawaiian Deep Sea Water: The Hawaiian Deep Sea Water has all the ingredients needed for a healthy body. It is completely free from any kind of pollutant that may contaminate it if it were on the surface. Each bottle of this water is $33.5.
  • Kona Nigari Water & Acqua di Cristallo

    Kona Nigari Water & Acqua di Cristallo

    Kona Nigari Water: The deep sea water is pumped from the natural energy laboratory of hawaii authority pipeline, which extends 2,000 feet below the surface of the ocean. A small bottle of kona nigari sells for $33.50 and a large one is sold for $402. The water inside the bottle claim very different water than any ordinary water. This water is mainly for losing weight, improve tone, quality of skin, and reduce stress. Acqua di Cristalla: The water bottle is design by Paolo di Verachi, its handmade water in 24 Karat Gold. Here the water is mixed with Fiji and France’s spring water and glacier water from Iceland. The price is at $60,000, even its replicas cost $275-3600.
  • Hello Kitty Fillico & Fillico

    Hello Kitty Fillico & Fillico

    Hello Kitty Fillico is launched to celebrate the 35th birthday of Hello Kitty in which the Japanese have made the jewellery water and engrave it at the cost of $100 and the small one for $25. The bottles come in 5 different themes. Fillico: It’s a unique design that will attract people by its stylish look, here the water is taken from Osaka in Japan and is packaged in an elegant bottle built like a chess piece, specially a king or a queen. Each price is $219.
  • 10 Thousand BC & Veen

    10 Thousand BC & Veen

    Veen: VEEN is a Finnish brand of bottled water that is bottled in Konisaajo, Lapland, Finland. VEEN was established in December 2006. Its price is $23 and the water is extremely low in mineral content, which is the reason why it has an international famous, the taste is unusually smooth. 10 Thousand BC: it’s very secure water uninhabited by animals and human in the region of Mountain and off the coast of Canada, each bottle is 750ml and price is $14.
  • Christian Lacroix

    Christian Lacroix

    Christian Lacroix: Evian is the French Company which has launched the new edition of water bottle every year and Christian is one among them. It is sold at $13.95. Whereas the original bottle we can buy from anywhere but a doll side bottle is very unique and only 99 pieces are made and sold worldwide.
  • AquaDeco


    Aqua Deco: It’s a bottle of 750 ml which cost $12 and is the purest water ever drunk. It even won the Gold medal for the best non-carbonated spring water and the bottle look is extremely attractive and stylish.

Martin Wood 5 year ago

Wow that’s a cool Topic

Tyler Hatt 5 year ago

Whoa the Bottles are really expensive but also so stylish

Wilson George 5 year ago

I would like to have one Queen Size Bottle

Cody Kelly 5 year ago

For me the Doll water bottle, I think it’s more unique and less in stock

World Expensive Water

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