You cannot fix stupid not even with duct tape (20+ Photos)

5 year ago
  • You cannot fix stupid not even with duct tape (20+ Photos)

    Stupid things cannot be repaired with using Duct tape, it not at all a good idea to fix those things have a look to these 20+ photos and check the duct tape funny usage.

  • Duct tape boat

    Duct tape boat

    As they bravely paddle through waves 4 feet higher than their prow, two people can hold out hope that their duct-tape boat will survive. It’s a very good survival tool with innovation

  • Water Bottle holder

    Water Bottle holder

    Another best usage of duct tape where you can add your own bottle a holder which can be useful in making a bottle handle also you can make your mobile case and in other use appropriately.

  • Duct tape crafts

    Duct tape crafts

    A Duct tape crafts that kids would love, also they are very easy and simple for making a practical use. Duct tape crafts are very simple and super easy to make DIY projects.

  • Clever way to change your old dress to new

    Clever way to change your old dress to new

    Now you can use you’re your old dress and make a new dress by wrapping it on with a duct tape. People are so goanna love it. The dress just looks very beautiful. 

  • Funny and mad world

    Funny and mad world

    There are people who are so much involved in the pranks that can try out new funny mischief and different way to harass their friends. 

  • Cat Duct Tape

    Cat Duct Tape

    People are so crazy that they would try out different stuff on any one. Poor cat you can run with that duct tape on. Cat has dressed on with a funny duct tape outfit. 

  • Bad Parenting

    Bad Parenting

    Poor baby you are really facing the bad parenting company. The baby says who need clothes when you have a can of bud light. 

  • Failed Duct tape

    Failed Duct tape

    Sometimes you get so tired that you are afraid of bicycle get stolen and you are unaware of how to protect it.  So temporary you can save your bicycle by tying it to the parking stand with duct tape. 

  • Funny Clothing outfit

    Funny Clothing outfit

    Everyone knows how versatile and useful duct tape is. There is a different ways how you can find a way out to use this duct tape to tie on your clothing. Just imagine how far people can go beyond anyone’s thinking.

  • Duct tape Prom Outfit

    Duct tape Prom Outfit

    Duct tape useful for designing a unique and different prom outfit. No matter if you are short or tall you can tie it on with a few minutes and dress the way you want.

  • Girls Redneck Engineering

    Girls Redneck Engineering

    Don’t know what to wear for the party as you are confused, no worries try on this simple duct tape and use them as your party outfit.  Isn’t it an amazing idea.

  • Duct Tape Waxing

    Duct Tape Waxing

    No need to do wax now, just put on the costume of duct tape and tied on your body. There is no cream required, the man is waxing in pain and we goanna feel like laughing out loud.

  • Duct Tape fixes everything

    Duct Tape fixes everything

    If you are looking for a good tool that can be repaired at home, use Duct tape that can fix anything at any place. If your car need repairs and you are in hurry to get at some place, no worries repair it with Duct tape and this would solve your problem very easily. 

  • You can’t fix everything

    You can’t fix everything

    Duct tape can be probably a very quick tool for quick home repairs. But sometimes it fails to accept the challenges and make you suffer a lot at very right moment. That time you’ll feel that you are doing it all wrong. 

  • Duct tape wedding dress

    Duct tape wedding dress

    Bored of wearing the same dress that all others are wearing, so try on different dress and show people how creative you are by designing your own dress with duct tape.

  • Duct tape wall tapping

    Duct tape wall tapping

    Somebody is seriously harassing you and you can’t bear them anymore. No worry duct tape has multipurpose usage so try on now and tap any mischievous person. 

  • Hilarious butt funny pic

    Hilarious butt funny pic

    Duct tape can fixes anything and can give you a weird outfit, so here we have a man who have tied a duct tape on his butt so that it cannot be seen by other people. Good job man you are using it very wisely.

  • Weight loss duct tape

    Weight loss duct tape

    Have you tired lots of things to lose your weight and is not getting much result after trying since long time. No worries just watch out and tie on the duct tape over the fat parts and get the best result. Isn’t it worth it and very useful. 

Daxon Lane 5 year ago

OMG really they have made use of Duct tape very innovately

Tyler Hatt 5 year ago

Yeah the girl has dressed beautifully in wedding dress

Rudy James 5 year ago

the kid is so talented that he don't even care for the clothing as he is having the cold drink

Wilson George 5 year ago

this can definetly work when you have to do pranks with duct tape

Herman Kaur 5 year ago

Waxing with duct tape will really hurt that man

You cannot fix stupid not even with duct tape (20+ Photos)

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