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    What are some products:

    Teacher: What are some products of the West Indies?
    Student: I don't know.
    Teacher: Of course, you do. Where do you get sugar from?
    Student: We borrow it from our neighbor.

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    They do it without realizing,
    They don't really have a clue,
    Reading between the lines,
    Is something they just can't do.

    When there is an argument,
    They think they're always right,
    No matter what we say or do,
    They didn't start the fight.

    They blame it on our hormones,
    And never take the rap,
    If they call us moody bitches,
    Then they get a slap.

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    I m Sorry apology Sms

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    Maria please point to America on the map

    Teacher: Maria please point to America on the map.
    Maria: This is it.
    Teacher: Well done. Now class, who found America?
    Class: Maria did.

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