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    One teacher said :

    One teacher said this to his students before the final test.
    "A" is for God.
    "B" is for me and my wife.
    "C" is for the perfect student.
    "D & F" are for all other students.

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    God bless the master of your house,
    The mistress also,
    And all the little children
    That round the table go;

    And all your kin and kinfolk,
    That dwell both far and near;
    I wish you a merry Christmas
    And a happy New Year

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    Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.

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    Banta Singh: "Yaar Santa

    Banta Singh: "Yaar Santa,
    Last Year The Name-Plate Outside ur House Read Santa Singh B.A.
    This Year It Read Santa Singh M.A.,
    Wen Did u Finish urs Masters Degree?
    Santa Singh: "You Don''t Understand.
    Last Year My Wife Died,
    I Put B.A. To Indicate Bachelor Again.
    Den I Took A Second Wife, So M.A. Is Married Again

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