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    Theres 3 men and they all want a job at sainsburys so the 1st man comes in and says
    to the manager :1st Man: Can i have a job please Manager:Yes go and do
    something dangerous so he does something dangerous comes back and says:
    1st Man: Ive done it Manager:How many letters in the alphebet 1st Man:26
    Same for 2nd Man
    Same for 3rd Man
    But on 3rd man Manager:How many letters in the alphebet
    3rd man:24 Manager:why you say that: 3rd Man: Because i just blewup B&Q

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    She looked the same every day
    I remember from when I’m young
    A few lines and wrinkles there,
    but still my beautiful mum.

    She’s always been so wise,
    she’s always been so strong
    She’s always been so stubborn
    and occasionally she’s wrong

    My mum is sure not perfect,
    as I sure I am not much too
    But mum’s know you inside out
    and advised you as you grew.

    Now days have come and time has passed
    where mum is growing weak
    And we don’t know the words to help
    and the right words to speak

    For losing mum’s there is no book
    or instructions what to say
    I hope I say the words right
    to help her on her way.

    For I love you mum, you are my world
    I thank you with all my heart
    I don’t know why you have to go
    and why we have to part

    But know you’re loved and cherished
    and we’re all here for you
    And know you’re going to a place
    where people love you too

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    what really the family rules are?

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    Little Johnny

    Little Johnny: Teacher, can I go to the bathroom?
    Teacher: Little Johnny, MAY I go to the bathroom?
    Little Johnny: But I asked first!

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