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    GIRL OR BOY!!!:

    GIRL OR BOY!!!
    A: Just look at that young person with the short hair and blue jeans. Is it a boy or a girl?
    B: It’s a girl. She’s my daughter.
    A: Oh, I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t know that you were her father.
    B: I’m not. I’m her mother.

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    My love is like the sun that warms me when I am cold,
    And like the cool water of the brook that refreshes me.
    My love knows the secret pleasures of my soul,
    And delights with me in fulfilling them.
    Who is my love but the soul of my soul,
    And the reason for every beat of my heart.
    Who fills me with life in the joy of her presence,
    And returns to me more than I have given.
    Come to me, my love, I die without you.
    Each day is eternity, waiting for your touch.
    Remove the tears from my eyes and the ache in my heart,
    Be closer than my breath, all my days, all my nights.

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    Weekends don't pay - Weekends Quotes Weekends don't pay as well as weekdays but at least there's football. - S.A. Sachs Weekends Quotes

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    Girl: You would be a good dancer except for two things.
    Boy: What are the two things?
    Girl: Your fee

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