Japan Bizarre Services that will shock you - Ear Cleaning Parlour

5 year ago
  • Japan Bizarre Services that will shock you - Ear Cleaning Parlour
    Yes its true Ear Cleaning is called as mimikaki in Japanese. Men prefer to do ear cleaning and they are very much into it, their mother, wives, lover clean their men ears softly and gently. And if they have any of those than there are also parlour in the city where the attractive women work there, they get job after 1 week of training as the ear wax is good for the ear canal and they protect it so the wax is remove very carefully but the small scoop like tool where the women put the men’s head In her lap and cover the face with cloth and soft music around remove the wax, Each session is 30 minutes and they have to pay US $32 and INR 2,700.
  • Summer Homework Service

    Summer Homework Service

    The Families of Japan really is going crazy behind their kids to complete their homework as the Japanese kids do so not like to do their homework and hate assignments, During summer vacation the kids are so worried about their homework and the assignment allocated to them during summer times so here the Japanese have bought the service that will help you to complete your work and you would enjoy your holidays stress free, it’s really cool for the kids isn’t it but also very harmful for their brain is at no work condition. You need to just call the company they will do your work. It would cost 500 Yen per page.
  • Wedding Guest Service

    Wedding Guest Service

    Wedding Guest service is a type of service is that the fake people will attend your wedding as the family member, friends, and in short this service will offer a fake guest to your wedding. The rent would be 20,000 yen i.e. $200 for the staff members. It would be very surprising for you to know that agents receive 100 wedding request every year and that provide more than 1000 workers guest in the wedding ceremony.
  • Rent a Foreigner

    Rent a Foreigner

    If you are feeling very lonely and don’t have friend than no worries you can rent a friend or any Foreigner from anywhere and spend your time with that buddy and you can also tell your friends that you have the international friend and if you like them then only you have to date them by telling the agency that now you both are in relationship, you can also learn different languages the foreigner knows and speak. It would cost 2000 to 4500 yen per person.
  • Solo wedding service

    Solo wedding service

    If the wedding couple don’t have that much time to give a big huge ceremony and celebrate with all fun, and preparing for 2 month before the ceremony than here is the another package for the wedding couple they can stay in the hotel for two days have all fun without the commitments, wedding photoshoot and is called Solo Wedding, these package is also the cheapest the company allocate i.e. US $2,800.
  • Keeping Ex-Lover Moments service

    Keeping Ex-Lover Moments service

    Here we have an amazing Service that many of you would love it, Japan service provide Keeping Ex-lover Moments locker that will put your all gift and the private moments of you and your Ex in that locker and keep security of it. It can be CD, album, jacket, Love letter or any other stuff and secure it; there would be monthly fee of $2.45 with 30 item capacity.
  • Apologize Service

    Apologize Service

    If you want to apologize to anyone and you cannot stand in front of that guy and feeling guilt then here is the service provided by Japanese that will apologize for you on your behalf. You just need to call the agencies and they will take care of it, you need to pay the charges for that it might differ as US$250 for face to face and $96 for email or phone. Service is provided 24/7.

Cody Kelly 5 year ago

OMG these services are really shocking

Wilson George 5 year ago

I will go for the Solo wedding service I prefer that is good for me

Austin Jones 5 year ago

Japanese would always have that daring to do different things and also the strange one

Daxon Lane 5 year ago

Do we not require Ear wax for our Ears?

Japan Bizarre Services that will shock you - Ear Cleaning Parlour

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